Learn How To Access The Best Land Sailing Clubs In England

Land sailing is a sport practiced in many countries. It is incredibly popular in England, due to a number of reasons. The most important one refers to the feeling it offers. Here are some testimonials I found:

  • “Different than anything I’ve ever done before!” 
  • “The most fun you can have with your family when trying out a new sport for the first time.”
  • “You feel this huge amount of power at your hands, that’s free and accessible.”
  • “It is heavenly!”
  • “The speeds are amazing!”

Other reasons could be the excitement and the adrenaline. I believe that life is made to be lived to the fullest. That means taking risks from time to time, experience new things, and, of course enjoying yourself! I’m not the only one who thinks this way, right? Some people find soccer, basketball, and other similar sports boring. For them, land sailing could be not only exciting but also entertaining. Traveling can be another reason for the popularity of land sailing, together with human interaction and socialization.

In England, there are several clubs for land sailing lovers. They offer information, training for beginners and races, alongside other services! Here’s a list with some of them.

British Federation of Sand & Land Yachting Clubs

Email: garry@kites.org.uk
BFSLYC was founded in 1955. They support, organize, promote, regulate and administrate Landsailing throughout the UK.

It is a member of FISLY, and it acts as an advisory body for all Landsailing matters. It also represents the member clubs at national and international level.

British Land Speedsail Association

Email: c.selway@blueyonder.co.uk
This association organizes different events related to land sailing. You can access their online calendar for more information. Also, they offer annual memberships that cost £30 for adults and FREE for children under 8 years. Plus, they have a family membership (two adults and two children).

Among others, you get an international insurance policy that covers you for third-party damages, access to a broad range of land sailing venues across the UK, the chance to take part in a series of club meetings, Fun Weekends and so on.

Anglia Land Yacht Club

Email: contact@anglialandsailing.co.uk
You can sail at a high-speed level on a tarmac at East Anglia’s premier Land Sailing venue! The club offers excellent facilities, such as a 2 km circuit, a parking and storage area and a club house.

They are functional throughout the year. Rookies are always welcomed! They have support, teaching programs and yachts that can be rented on a daily basis. Besides, the club also exists for competitive sailing. Therefore, they organize regular races.

Kent Landsailing Club

Email: jim@landyachts.freeserve.co.uk
This is an excellent place for beginners. They offer training courses and support. And if you decide that you want a land yacht of your one, the connoisseurs won’t hesitate to help you.

You can find a lot more information about their training programs on their website. But all this talk about rookies does not mean that there is no place for veterans. Don’t you worry, you haven’t been forgotten!


Land sailing is big in England. Quite big! If you want to enjoy some new experiences, feel fantastic and make new friends, maybe this sport is the next big thing for you. Who knows? You may be a land sailing champion in a few years!