The Most Amazing 3 Land Sailing Championships

If you practice land sailing as a sport, maybe you are interested in hearing about the existing championships!

There are land yacht competitions spread all around the world – Europe, USA, Australia, Africa, the frozen lakes in Canada and so on. All you have to do is choose one (or why not two or three)! Down below is a list with some of them. How about you take a look?

The European Championships – Quite big, this one!

The European Championships are one of the biggest international events in the land sailing history. These competitions last for about a week. They are organized mainly on beaches. Several clubs from all over Europe are attending.

Over 400 people from 16 different countries attended this event in July 2014.

The North American Championships – Opportunity to travel!

We switch off to America! The masterminds of those championships are the local clubs and the North American Landsailing Association (NALSA). On the last week of March, they organize the largest regatta of the year. It’s held on the beach situated on the California-Nevada border near Primm, Nevada.

The host and venue rotate, so you can discover new locations every year! They also encourage international competitions. Therefore, the FSLY and other Landsailing nations are regularly invited.


Blokart World Championships – A futuristic touch!

This is a new and fast-growing sport administrated by The International Blokart Racing Association (IBRA). They sanction events and set the international racing rules.

The Blokart World Championships have been held biennially since 2008. The drivers race on airport runways, parking areas, dry lake beds and on beaches. The events are being held all around the world! It is a significant opportunity for anyone who is interested.


Feeling excited already? Well, all you have to do now is to go online and plan your trip. Just imagine the rush you’ll fell after getting there. Who knows, maybe this year you’ll even hold the trophy! I just hope I’ll get some credits for encouraging you.