The Best Land Sailing Clubs That Must Not Be Missed

A club can be defined as a group of people organized for a common purpose. There are quite a few, but today I’m interested in a particular type: sports clubs. We have two types: with members who compete against each other for fun and with professional players who achieve substantial gains. In the latter case, the teams frequently compete against those of other clubs. So far so good, but I’m not going to debate about general features. In this article, I’ll talk about Land Sailing Clubs!

I have put together a top with some of my favorite clubs, from all around the world! Just keep in mind that they are all listed randomly. And here they are:“Wind Wizards Landsailing Club”, “Windisfun”,“Carmarthenshire Land Sailing Club”,“York Landyacht Club”, “Wirral Sand Yacht Club”, “Sandgropers Land Yacht Club”, “The Yacht Club St. Peter-Ording”, “Royal Sand Yacht Club”, “Eole Club de Berck”and “Auckland Landyacht Club”.

A bunch of odd names are not telling you very much, am I right? As a matter of fact, why don’t I elaborate a bit about each and every one of them?

Wind Wizards Landsailing Club (United States) – Excellent competition and a great circuit!

Their rendezvous point is Sailors Bay. There are frequent competitions, some of them more formal than others. There are activities at local, national, and even at international level! Furthermore, this is a nonprofit mutual benefits corporation. This means that it is free!

If you wish to join them, you can download a membership application directly from their site.


Windisfun (United States) – Friendly vibes and three types of sliding!

It is a club founded by a married couple. Based in Northern Colorado, they can quickly teach you to slide. Or maybe you want this to be a one-time deal? Well don’t worry, it’s possible.

This is a club that is not, in fact, an organization. Or at least that’s what they’re saying! No officers, by-laws, meetings, and other club stuff. Only great camaraderie and lots of fun!

Carmarthenshire Land Sailing Club (England) – Exclusive access to Cefn Sidan and Pendine beaches!

It was created to retain, promote and maintain access for land sailing. Cefn Sidan and Pendine beaches are situated in a stunning part of South West Wales. Many say that here are the best conditions for land sailing in the UK. The sailing area at Cefn Sidan is over 5 miles long, and at Pendine, over 4 miles. Their membership offers exclusive use of those two lovely beaches mentioned above.

York Landyacht Club (England) – One of the largest runways in Europe!

Based at Elvington Airfield, the club is situated at only 5 minutes’ drive from Grimston Bar Park & Ride. The site has one of the largest runways in Europe! About two miles of smooth tarmac with a huge square pan area and various service roads. It even has a runway so long that it was designated the emergency landing site for both Concord and the Space Shuttle.

It is the ideal place if you want to spend some quality time with your family in York. They also offer trial sessions, training, and instruction for all levels of experience.


Wirral Sand Yacht Club (England) – The North West’s premium location for land yachting and kite bugging!

They’re situated at Hoylake of the Wirral. You’ll find there a private parking, a clubhouse with a meeting room and kitchen, and also a workshop. Did I forget to mention the storage area for sand yachts and buggies? Furthermore, visitors are always welcome!

Sandgropers Land Yacht Club (Australia) – Special program for handicap races!

The club members meet at Lake Walyungup, Rockingham on Sunday afternoons during the summer, or while the lake is dry. Each year, the members receive a calendar of the race program. Furthermore, they have a race program called “Club 88” for handicap races!

Visitors are always welcomed here! They even have the opportunity to experience the joys of land sailing after they complete a “liability waiver” available at the secretary.

The Yacht Club St. Peter-Ording (Germany) – You pay, they give to charity!

It is available as a registered association since 1961. It now has approximately 200 members. The most important task is the promotion and preservation of land sailing. On the site, you can find more information about the club members.

Also, if you want to become a member, you really must love land sailing. They are all about involvement, commitment, and honesty. This club does not pursue its economic purposes as it donates to charity. The colors of the club are blue and white. Very fancy, indeed!

Royal Sand Yacht Club (Belgium) – Lovely trips to France all summer!

Besides that, they also have an “X-Mas” trip on 26 of December! How exciting is that? Club events, video evenings, weekly barbecue during summer time, volleyball, beach golf, national races, as well as European and World Championships. How can this get even better?

This is how: you’ll need a pilot’s license to participate. Where can you get it? Easy! You can obtain it from a theoretical and practical examination, right there at the club!

Eole Club de Berck (France) – Introductory and advanced sessions every weekend!

Members can enjoy well organized and live competitions. If you visit the site, you can find a calendar with all the upcoming events. You can check news, play videos and see countless photos regarding the competitions.

They also have introductory and advanced sessions every weekend. Just look online for the details, pack a bottle of cold water and go!


Auckland Landyacht Club (New Zeeland) – Land sailors that are eager to help you get started in this exciting sport!

A friendly team of land sailors who are anxious to help you get started in this exciting sport! They have events and competitions monthly, even weekly from time to time.

The easiest way to find out more is to go online.


I’ll wrap things up by asking this: Isn’t it just wonderful when you can enjoy your hobby together with friends and family?

Land sailing has become popular all over the world. And it seems like people are enjoying it! These clubs are just a few of my favorites. But nobody says that you can’t make a list of your own! Why don’t you go ahead? Maybe we’ll compare them later.